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Foundation Repair

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A reliable foundation is essential to the stability of your home. Its purpose is to shift the weight of your house to the soil underneath it to help prevent settlement. That means when shifting soils and water problems cause your foundation to fail, you know repairs need to be made before further damage can occur.

To provide the best solution to our customers, our company offers various foundation repair services. These techniques are designed and tested to guarantee they produce the highest quality results for homeowners. The broad variety of applications of our foundation repair systems enables us to take on essentially any foundation repair project. Our skillful team of concrete technicians is committed to giving you satisfactory results at affordable prices.

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    Foundation Repair

    The benefits of a home foundation repair are numerous.

    Some homeowners see cracks forming on their foundation or a slight shift in its position and ignore the problem thinking that it’s simply normal for concrete to crack. It’s true that concrete will most likely develop cracks at some point; however, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore these problems. Aside from the fact that any damaged foundation needs to be repaired for safety reasons, there are many benefits to repairing a sinking or damaged foundation.

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    Save Time and Money
    Over time, your foundation will shift due to the underlying subgrade becoming weak causing cracks and settlement issues. Ignoring these foundation problems can lead to more serious structural issues that require expensive, time-consuming repairs to fix them. By repairing your foundation before it compromises the structural integrity of your home or business you’ll be saving vast amounts of time, money, and the headache that comes with these extensive repairs.
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    Increase Property Value
    Foundation repairs can increase the value of your property. New buyers want to feel certain they aren’t acquiring a place that’s going to require major, expensive repair work. Repairing your foundation now will help ensure the stability of your home or business over time. This is an attractive investment for possible buyers, so it’s a great plan to invest in exterior and interior foundation repairs.
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    Personal Comfort
    Aside from the serious structural concerns that foundation damage can cause, it can lead to several small aggravations in your home. It can cause issues like uneven floors that look and function poorly. It can also cause difficulty in opening doors and windows because the house has shifted and settled. Taking care of foundation repairs quickly will prevent these frustrations so you can enjoy your home.
    Things to Know About

    Concrete Foundation Repair

    All the information you need to know about foundation repair methods.

    Understanding the benefits of repairing your foundation is important. However, there’s more information to take into account other than merely the benefits of having this repair done. Below we will cover other important information like knowing why to repair, when to repair, and how the repair process works.

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    Why Repair Your Foundation?

    Like many homeowners, you may have heard some horror stories about how costly a house foundation repair can be. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will become and require more extensive repairs. This isn’t always the case if you decide to have repairs made early on. Ignoring foundation damage can be quite dangerous and lead to foundation walls failing or, in extreme cases, a house collapse.

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    When to Repair Your Foundation

    Foundation repair is necessary when your foundation is sinking, settling or cracking. When a house is first built it is expected to settle into its foundation slowly over time which should not cause any issues if constructed properly. Some important signs to watch out for when determining if your foundation needs to be repaired are cracks in sheetrock or concrete, hard-to-open doors or windows, and sagging walls or floors.

    The Repair Process
    The two most common techniques of foundation repair are Mudjacking and Piering. With Mudjacking, grout is injected underneath a slab or beam to produce a lifting force that returns the member to its original elevation. In Piering, steel posts are driven through unstable soil and hydraulic jacks are employed to elevate or stabilize concrete slabs shifted by changes in the underlying subgrade. Which repair method we use depends on the type of damage being addressed.

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    If your home is located in Arizona, then there is no company better to work with than Arizona Concrete Repair. We’ve served our neighbors in this area for years and understand the circumstances of our diverse customers. We strive to give you a customized service that’s tailored to your individual needs. We perform all of our concrete services at low, affordable rates so you can have beautiful, functioning concrete surfaces that don’t break the bank. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality craftsmanship, a friendly team, and the best prices in the area.


    You have questions and we have answers.

    We’ve been doing this for years and now you can put our knowledge to the test. Below we have compiled some of the most common questions that we hear from our customers. You can read through these questions to get the answers you need quickly. If you don’t see your question listed below, feel free to give us a call and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be more than happy to help you!

    Q: How long does a foundation repair usually take?

    A: Your average residential foundation repair will normally take roughly two to three days to complete. There are always variables that may cause a repair to take longer than this. This can include deeper than normal footings that will require additional excavation and restoration work after we’ve completed the repair. When your landscape is involved, it can take longer to prepare these areas for excavation and restore the landscaping after we’ve repaired the foundation as well.

    Q: Will my landscaping be affected by the repair process?

    A: We do our best not to disturb your landscaping; however, trees and shrubbery can sometimes be in the immediate path of the excavation. In those situations, we may have to remove specific trees and shrubs to reach the areas that necessitate repairs. Our talented professionals take great care when removing plants and carefully re-plant them when we’re finished. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee plants or trees will survive the excavation process.

    Q: Is it necessary to repair the entire foundation?

    A: This isn’t always necessary. We only make recommendations to repair areas that are in immediate need. In some cases, areas that aren’t repaired can still be susceptive to shifting as the house sits on the same soil that originally failed. We will usually only address or evaluate those areas if necessary. If these areas are in danger of causing future damage to your home, the entire foundation may need to be stabilized.

    Q: How much will the foundation repair cost?

    A: There are several factors that are involved in determining the cost of foundation repair. Some of these include the extent of the damages, how large the area in need of repairs is, and what method is best used to repair your foundation. The average price of foundation repair can range between $5,000 and $7,000. Keep in mind that this price can increase or decrease depending on these factors.

    Q: How long should I wait after the repair to fix the cracks in my mortar or drywall?

    A: We recommend that you wait at least 90 days before you make any cosmetic repairs after we complete the foundation repair. There is a possibility that the foundation will need to settle again once the repairs have been made. If you begin to observe any new sheetrock cracks, brick cracks or doors sticking within the 90 days you can always call us to come out and reevaluate your foundation before you make any repairs.

    Q: Does watering really help prevent foundation problems and should I water if I have never had foundation repairs?

    A: Watering the foundation is highly recommended year-round. This technique helps keep moisture in the soil and can greatly lessen foundation problems. It’s important for all of our customers to start a watering program once their foundation has been repaired to obtain the best possible results. Watering can be used as a preventative measure against foundation problems as well.

    Q: How long does the evaluation take and do I need to be present?

    A: Yes, you will need to present for the inspection as we will need to access the interior of your home to check for signs of foundation problems and to take elevation readings. This inspection will take around one to two hours to complete. Our professional inspector will first meet with you and then proceed to look for signs inside and outside of your home of foundation damage or settlement.

    Q: Do you clean the property after the repair is completed?

    A: Yes, we will never leave your property a mess. After all, repairs and excavations are completed, we will gather up all of the loose dirt from the excavations and make sure to properly dispose of it for you. Any mess our team makes will always be cleaned prior to us leaving your home.

    Q: If you’ve experienced any of the signs we’ve discussed that can indicate foundation

    A: problems, we’ve got you covered. Not to mention, if you have any questions that weren’t answered, we can help. Our team will answer any questions you have until you have all the info you need to feel confident about your foundation repair choice. We’re always here for you to provide the best customer service in the industry, so don’t hesitate to call us today!