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Concrete Sidewalk Repair

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It goes without being said, but we’re going to say it anyway! Your concrete sidewalks should be safe for everyone to use. We cannot stress the importance of keeping the sidewalks around your business, home, community, commercial property, and/or neighborhood safe. Sometimes, concrete cracks and crumbling’s aren’t complete hazards, but they are eyesores and should be repaired on that basis alone.

Our team of professional sidewalk repair technicians can help you upgrade your sidewalk without having to completely rip it out. You cannot avoid walking on sidewalks unless you’re wanting to walk in the middle of the road, which is not safe, so let us help you repair what is broken and remove what is unsafe.

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    Reasons for Sidewalk Repair

    There are several reasons why your sidewalk should always be safe for everyone to use.

    Having your sidewalk repaired is important to limit avoidable accidents and potential mishaps. A sidewalk should be safe for walkers, runners, bikers, and pedestrians alike and the best way to do this while saving money is to keep your sidewalks repaired.

    Structural Damages
    Whether it is city pipelines, waterlines, spreading roots, or the ground settling, structural damages are all too common for sidewalk surfaces. The underground of your concrete is extremely important for the long-term success of your concrete sidewalk; meaning, if the foundation is disrupted the superficial layer will begin to fail. Sometimes temperatures drastically changing, from cold to hot or hot to cold, can cause serious issues with concrete expanding and contracting which can cause foreseen damages.
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    Chemical Damage
    Being exposed to everyday possibilities, it is fathomable that your concrete sidewalk will be exposed to chemicals throughout its lifetime; however, it is important to take action immediately after your concrete has been exposed. Different chemicals accelerate your concrete’s aging process. Some chemicals that can degrade your concrete include but are not limited to chlorides, sulfates (will cause chemical changes to your concrete and weaken the overall surface), leaching, and seawater. It is important to be aware of these possibilities because if damages get out of hand you will have to completely rip out and replace the slab.
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    Products made of steel that are used as reinforcements are corrodible and will lead to cracks in your surface creating long-term issues if they aren’t repaired immediately. Your concrete’s underneath repairs directly impact how the top of the concrete will behave, like cracking and breaking down. To keep your concrete safe and usable, give our professionals a call to double-check on the ability of your concrete surface to safely be used.
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    Concrete Sidewalk Repairs

    Common Sidewalk Repair Reasons

    There are different types of repairs and damages that everyone should be aware of.

    Sidewalk Leveling

    Sometimes our clients simply want their sidewalks to match! No one enjoys taking a stroll, bike ride, or run and finding that the sidewalk raised two inches in a spot because it is a tripping hazard. We would have to raise the one side of concrete that may be a little lower than the opposite side and repair any cracks along the wat. We must take care of any rising or uneven sidewalks immediately because cracks can become serious hazards and expensive problems to repair.

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    Crack Repair
    Small cracks never seem to raise eyebrows with our clients, but they should raise a warning flag that bigger cracks are on the horizon. Concrete cracks start as simple eyesores that would look better if they didn’t exist; however, when small cracks are left to grow into big ones, we have major issues. Our team regularly sees large cracks that stemmed from our clients taking too long to get the small ones filled in.
    Avoid Accidents
    Leaving unleveled concrete sidewalks unattended will cause serious injury. Cracked surfaces will also lead to a serious injury that can potentially be life-threatening. Our point is this, leaving damages to grow and worsen is a dangerous pass time, so call us, and avoid possible lawsuits and accidents that can cost someone their mobility and/or life.

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    Calling us can save you over 50% on repairs before a repair turns into a mandatory replacement. DIY might sound appealing at first, but the truth is, our team knows what they’re doing as soon as they get onto the property. We have all of the tools and equipment we need to ensure a proper, affordable, and long-lasting repair is made. When it comes to choosing a professional company to repair your concrete it is important to know how many years they have been in business, they’re previous projects and their success rate. Our company checks all of the boxes, give our professionals a call and get started today with your repairs!


    Your questions answered! Find your answers below.

    Below you can find commonly asked questions and our responses. If you don’t find what you’re looking for head over to our home page to learn more about all of our services. We know our stuff and we’re here to help educate you and help you in any way that we can.

    Q: Do I need to seal my concrete sidewalk?

    A: Yes, our answer is almost always yes for concrete sealing because although concrete is one of the most durable materials for building it is also susceptible to damages. Sealing helps elongate your concretes lifespan and helps you get the best bang for your buck. Sun exposure, water, and runoff can all contribute to short lifespans for your concrete sidewalks, sealing them help prolong the inevitable allowing you to save a lot of money.

    Q: How much does concrete leveling cost?

    A: This is one of the most popularly asked questions, understandably so, however, we regret to inform you that the answer varies! We cannot say with certainty what your repair will cost without seeing the space and the damages firsthand. Many of our questions include: how big is the damage? Where is the damage? How long has the damage been there? What type of damage is it? And so on.

    Q: Can cracked sidewalks be leveled?

    A: Yes, if the cracks have not completely demolished your concrete sidewalk then the possibility of repair is still there. If the concrete is falling apart our best recommendation would be to completely remove and replace the area.

    Q: Is it beneficial for me to level my concrete instead of just replacing it?

    A: There are a lot of benefits to concrete repairs instead of replacements! Concrete leveling can potentially save you over 70% when compared to replacement. Our team is skilled and experienced so your sidewalk will be finished within a few days of us starting. Your landscape surroundings should not be dramatically altered and your day to day routine will not be interrupted!

    Q: How do I know when my sidewalk needs to be repaired?

    A: Under city codes in the United States, you can find specific details that will ensure you know the exact guidelines under which the city expects your sidewalks to be repaired or replaced. If the sidewalk is uneven, broken, missing sections, or goes against Americans with Disabilities Act then your sidewalk must be repaired.

    Q: Can I just repair the damage that I notice on the sidewalk?

    A: No, permits are required before any work can take place on a sidewalk and it should never be simply started. There are rules, guidelines, and procedures that need to be abided by before any work ever being completed.